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We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider giving an offering to send Pastor Jerome Bush (Redemption Baptist, Toledo) and Pastor Hastings Gokor to Liberia for a short-term mission. While there Pastors Bush and Gokor will work with the Liberian National Baptist Churches and their leaders providing leadership training and conducting revival services. The plan is for Pastors Bush and Gokor to lay the foundation and gather information for future mission trips involving others from our Association. This is a great opportunity for us since Pastor Gokor is from Liberia and has personal contacts. There has already been discussions about needs for medical, evangelism and leadership development teams. This first trip by Pastors Bush and Gokor will lay the very important foundation for future teams.

Time is urgent since they are planning to travel the dates of July 3-11, 2018. Airfare needs to be purchased as soon as possible. The estimated cost for Pastors Bush and Gokor to make this trip ism $5000.00. Would you consider over the next couple of weeks taking up an offering to assist these men in this endeavor. If there is a possible way to send funds in by June 7 it would be helpful so that airfare can be purchased to get the best price possible. Please send your offering to NwOBA at P.O. Box 962 Toledo, Ohio 43697 and designate your check as Liberian Mission.

Thank you for your prayers and assistance for these brothers.
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Join us tonight at Reynolds Corners Baptist Church (6045 Dorr St Toledo) at 6:30PM to discover how your church can be on mission together with others on a mission engagement to Cary Christian Outreach Center in Cary, Mississippi! ... See MoreSee Less